Yes, you do need a professional copywriter for your case studies....

Helen Dugdale
Added 1 March 2024

Helen Dugdale


Case studies are a tried and tested way to hit your target audience in the sweet spot with the amazing news of something that your business or brand has done recently. Or share a story of someone who is delighted to be working with you.

Whether the case study is just a few sentences shared on socials, makes up part of a larger piece of marketing or it’s a stand-alone product. It’s a powerful piece of marketing whether in written or video form.

What is a case study, anyhow?

The idea of a case study is to capture and retell the experience of a person or a business. The narrative needs to be punchy, concise, and engaging and hopefully leave them wanting to work with you or buy your brand.

It needs to sell your services and the amazing experience someone might have had. The best way to do this is use a professional copywriter.

Enter stage left the word nerd…

Yes, of course, someone in your team could write a good case study.

But as much as the case study is about your business or service. It’s also about digging deep to reveal what impact your business, brand or service has had on someone, another business or the wider world.

Using an external copywriter means you’re getting a fresh, unbiased pair of eyes that can sit between your business and your customers and capture what the experience means to both sides.

Of course, you should provide the copywriter with your tone of voice and key marketing messages you want them to get across in the piece. But then walk away. That’s right, leave them alone to do the hard work.

The copywriter is experienced in talking to people from all walks of life. You are paying them as much to listen to what is being said and the way it’s said, as you are to put words down on paper or capture the story digitally.

They’ll listen intently, without interruption. Without being tempted to put words into the mouth of the person being interviewed.

No! You don’t need to listen in to the conversation or sit quietly in the corner to just observe. We've had numerous clients ask to do both and it’s never conducive to creating a good case study.

Instead, it just makes the interviewee feel uncomfortable. The mute never stays on for long and the lurker usually can’t help chipping in with a couple of comments or prompts just for encouragement. Neither of which are very helpful.

Let's chat about how the Scribble team can create your case studies, whether written or digital, better than you can.

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Leave the professional to their job

If you’re commissioning a copywriter to craft some cracking case studies, then your role is simple.

Send an introductory email or set up an initial call, outline what you’d like the case study to cover, and then bid farewell.

The copywriter will listen to what is being said. Instead of half listening and then editing what you’d prefer was said.

The copywriter will declutter any unnecessary technical jargon; meaning the copy will flow beautifully and get to the heart of the story much more succinctly. Which is the whole point of a case study.

Plus, using a professional wordsmith and detangling yourself from the process will allow you to get on with your day job.

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