Don't Overlook Trade Media.

Helen Dugdale
Added 11 April 2024

Helen Dugdale

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I had a conversation with a friend recently about trade and B2B media. She was saying how she never bothered with the media and publications for her industry as quote: ‘It’s just full of her competitors polishing their own egos and their own triumphs.’

When was the last time you checked out your trade media?

It can be a great way to sniff out what your competitors are doing, who they’re working with and get an inside scoop on how they’re doing things.

No matter whether it’s print or digital, B2B media for your particular sector is a fast and easy way to stay up to date with news, current trends and developments that you can then easily pass on to clients and use for inspiration in your content.

Trade media often offers opportunities for contributing thought leadership editorials and opinion pieces ideal for raising your own profile or of others spokespersons in your organisations.

Get it in touch if you want to find out how to make trade media work for your organisation.

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