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Our Place Is Here Documentary STILL 2

Early PR campaign for powerful documentary Our Place Is Here

Who they are:

Scribble was commissioned by leading international social impact agency Purpose to work on a pre-release communications campaign for moving documentary Our Place Is Here.

The film shares the untold stories of Filipino migrant workers who have been exploited by their London employers, as they battle for better rights, a louder voice and a better quality of life. The documentary was made my London film-maker Tracy Kiryango and inspired by the campaigning efforts of non-profit organisations such as Filipino Domestic Workers Association (FWDA), Kanlungan and Kalayaan.

The film includes footage of Filipino migrant workers experiences in London and their families’ experiences in Manila, highlighting the hardships that these women face but also the sense of empowerment that they experienced after finding a supportive network.

What we did:

Working closely with Kiryango and the Purpose team, Scribble created a communications plan to raise the profile of documentary in the media across London. The film's trailer attracted a lot of interest from film journalists who were eager to see the final cut.

Pre-launch media coverage included stories in London News Online, London Daily News and in trade media Screen Daily.

The campaign also included a collection of personal essays written and spoken by migrant domestic workers living in the UK, on Gal Dem.

Our Place Is Here secured a slot at the British Urban Film Festival and was screened in venues across West Yorkshire in October 2023.