Writing and creating cracking web content

A website that beats competitors hands down
A feature created by Scribble for Label Apeel's monthly newsletter

Who they are: Yep, it's those guys again. This time we worked with marketing and design agency Sunny Thinking to develop and write the content for a fully responsive website that encouraged people to stay and explore. Unlike the rest of the print and packing industry, Label Apeel didn't want a brochure style website, instead they wanted to develop a portal that would become a reference point for customers, suppliers and competitors.

What we did:Scribble developed key content on the site that would enable visitors to the site to know where to head for specific information: Packaging and Label Geek offer industry advice and knowledge on different areas of print and packaging. While the Wall of Inspiration is a a selection of thought provoking labels and designs from around the world.

Nothing appears on the website until it passes the rigorous does it fit with the brand personality of Label Apeel.

Each month Scribble creates a newsletter that people want to read. Our competitors have thanked us for the features in it, which they have found useful.

Stuart Kellock, Label Apeel