We told the history of Soreen

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soreen75th sunnythinking
75 years in the baking
soreen75years sunnythinking
Baked for over 75 years and still scummy
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Scribble and Sunny Thinking

Who they are: We love a good book. Especially when it’s written by Scribble. The latest addition to our bookshelf is ‘Soreen 75 years in the baking’. The limited edition coffee table book tells the story of how the iconic malt loaf has grown into one of Britain’s most loved food brands.

What we did: This limited addition bright yellow coffee table book is written using a warm, friendly tone and includes original imagery and photographs that span seven decades to bring this nostalgic celebration to life. At Scribble, we love the challenge of telling stories. The Soreen team provided some excellent research, which we then delved through to help tell the brand’s tale. Both the tone of copy and style of design is very ‘on-brand’ for Soreen and the bright yellow cover screams out read me now.

We teamed up with award winning marketing agency Sunny Thinking who designed and produced the publication. We’ve collaborated with Sunny Thinking on many occasions, including the Soreen cookery book, and this project is a crystal clear example of how our warm and friendly words are a powerful mix with Sunny Thinking’s creative designs.

This is a wonderful publication to help us commemorate our anniversary. It tells the story of how we’ve grown from a family run business in the back streets of Manchester to an international brand in 2014. We are delighted with it.

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