The Family Loop connecting Soreen with parents at the school gate

For: The Family Loop

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We're delighted to be working on the PR for The Family Loop, a specialist authentic influencer marketing agency, which is helping brands get up close and personal with parents by putting products into the hands of families across the UK. The Family Loop is dedicated to using parents to build brand awareness and sell products and services.

Soreen is one of a handful of brands, including Hasbro, already working with The Family Loop and seeing real traction from its innovative services.

Nicola Simpson, who is heading up The Family Loop explains the thinking behind what they do: “We’re all about keeping people connected and getting parents talking to other parents about products and services in a real, honest way. At the moment, a disconnect between what brands are trying to get through to families and what families want from brands. What we’re trying to say is that you need to keep everyone in the loop.”

Soreen is running a year-long campaign to raise awareness of their Lunchbox Loaves range and is using The Family Loop to get the product into parents’ hands. The campaign began in January 2017 and after just four months there is already great engagement with parents with over three million impressions on twitter and involving 150 schools across the UK with direct reach to over 100,000 parents and kids out and about. Lunchbox Loaves have been distributed at big family events and community groups including gymnastics clubs, nurseries and parents’ enterprise events, reaching 20,000 individuals and 15,000 loaves have been handed out at school gates.

80 per cent of parents taking part have said that they know friends who have gone out and bought Soreen Lunchbox Loaves based on them trialing them via The Family Loop activity. The campaign has also included various activity such as a competition to win a year’s supply of Soreen, Twitter parties and interaction with leading bloggers.

Liz Jacobs, senior brand manager from Soreen explains why they chose to use the service: "Lunchbox Loaves are our best-selling product but not every parent knows about them so we're working with The Family Loop to get them into the hands of parents at the school gate, in the community, where conversations and recommendations are happening parent to parent. They are also combining that real-life activity with online activity where parents share about Soreen and Lunchbox Loaves in a way that's natural to them - whether that's on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp".

“We’re eager to speak to businesses who are looking to do things differently,” continues Nicola. “Businesses who know the old ways of doing things aren’t working as well anymore. Everyone is so overwhelmed with messages now. They want something that really resonates with consumers. Research from McKinsey demonstrated that a recommendation from a trusted friend is up to 50 times more likely to trigger a purchase. And Nielsen's Global Trust in Advertising worldwide study consistently shows people trust the recommendations of their friends and family 83 per cent.”

“We’re not saying chuck all other marketing and advertising out the window. We’re saying there is a different way. A way to tap into the natural conversations at the school gate. We’re offering a way to get to those parents, and get people involved in the conversations that are trusted, deep, engaging and honest and that are going to get your brand some real traction.”

The Family Loop is launching a newsletter aimed at parents which will showcase the different opportunities families have to get involved with businesses who have products and services to trial. The newsletter also offers smaller brands an entry level opportunity to work with The Family Loop.