Live reporting for the Children's Media Conference (CMC)

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For a number of years, Scribble has worked with the team behind the Children’s Media Conference, a three-day annual event that takes place in Sheffield and brings together people working in kid’s content. We’ve provided live blogging services throughout the conference. Eh, live blogging? Basically, we sit in sessions and pitches and report on what is being said and discussed and then quickly turn around informative editorial for the CMC website.

The blogs are typically short and concise (500ish words) and are designed to give readers a real feel and taste of that session picking out key points and themes discussed. Each blog includes ‘key takeaways’, so in just a glance a busy reader can garner top-line info.

Live blogging, or sometimes called live reporting, is all about delivering succinct information to an audience that isn’t able to attend an event, however, is eager to find out what was discussed.

Here’s a couple of examples from the 2019 event: