Label Apeel: Giving sticky labels a personality

A very nice gin label
PR for an award winning label printers

Who they are: Scribble has been the PR agency for Label Apeel for over 4 years. This Leicester-based label printers are responsible for some of the loveliest and fanciest labels sitting on the supermarket and hotel bar shelves. From high end gins, independent IPAs, coffee and tea, to personal care products, their labels literally get everywhere.

What we did: We've developed a strong, unique and rather cheeky voice for the labellers that blows all their competitors out of the water. They've been awarded Print Week Label Printer of the Year three times since 2012 on the bounce. We've help them hog the limelight in all the industry press with lead interviews, opinion pieces and guest blogs in Print Week, Packaging News, Packaging Gazette, Drinks International...the list goes on.

Why we love them: Owner Stuart Kellock is a joy to represent to the media, he's confident but bashful, opinionated but not arrogant and best of all has a sense of humour that could get him into trouble if left alone in a room full of journalists.

Amy Chambers, managing director of Label Apeel is a frank and fiesty leader who is focused on championing the next generation of printers and is desperate to modernise the print industry.

Find out how a newsletter we created for Label Apeel now means their sale team don't ever do cold calling. And have a look at the website Scribble wrote for Label Apeel it blows the socks off their rivals.

Helen has been a major part in the development and growth of Label Apeel. Her energy, enthusiasm and nagging are the stuff of legend and she has managed to raise the profile of Label Apeel from little printer to market experts. Her strategy has not only worked in terms of attracting new business but has also helped to cut our costs significantly.

Label Apeel