Industry interview with Aussie kids TV writers

For: K7 Media

Little Lunch

Always on the hunt for the next creative-brain to interview, Scribble jumped at the chance of chatting to award-winning Aussie comedy writers Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope the creators of Little Lunch, a mockumentary comedy series about snack time in a Melbourne primary school. 

Described as the ‘‘The Office in the playground'’, the 15 minute, 26-episode series, aired first on ABC3, before being snapped up by Netflix. Gristmill, the duos’ production company was initially met with scepticism from the network before the audiences’ reaction won them over.

The husband and wife team are known for their prime-time narrative adult comedy, including Upper Middle Bogan and The Librarians.

Little Lunch is an adaption of the Danny Katz books of the same title.

Download the interview here that we wrote for K7's Little Report.

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