Scribble created a newsletter that put a stop to any more sales calls

Stuart Kellock, Label Jedi and owner of Label Apeel
A feature created by Scribble for Label Apeel's monthly newsletter
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A newsletter that works

These days most businesses have a newsletter. But do they actually work? What impact do they have on a company's bottom line, that's the bit that no-one tells you. Stuart Kellock, owner of label printers Label Apeel reveals, what the newsletter that Scribble has been writing for over two years, has done for his business.

"Working with Helen we've devised several features for the newsletter. We educate through packaging geek articles, inspire through our Label of the Month feature and inform through more general news about the business, all of which we've got Scribble to thank for.

Our best click through rate was 1089 clicks for our March edition this year but normally we tend to see 700-800 click throughs. Our monthly analysis shows that we have a regular set of readers from a mix of prospects, customers, suppliers and competitors.

On a more empirical level, we have some significant sales data. In 2013, our sales team would on average make 75 cold calls a week, attending three prospect meetings and hoped to bring in one new customer a month each (Average annual value £5000/annum). In 2014 our sales team stopped making cold calls of any sort. They only handled incoming enquiries and only went to prospect meetings when invited, yet managed to bring in three new customers each a month a total of nine new customers a month."

Working with Scribble has helped us develop a marketing strategy to make us one of the most respected label printers in the UK. ​

Stuart Kellock, Label Apeel