A tasty recipe book for Soreen

Soreenrecipebook sunnythinking
75 years in the baking and still lovely

Who they are: When we were little we ate Soreen by the fistful. We’ve just welcomed this malt loaf lovely back into our bellies by writing a recipe book for them with our mates Sunny Thinking, the creative marketing agency.

The agency came to us with a bunch of recipes from students at MMU Met Munch. They asked Scribble to mix in the right amount of words and personality and add some extra flavour.

What we did: We created the characters Bernard and Babs, the Soreen bakers. Then Bernard gave each recipe a rating on his Squidge-o-Meter, while Bab’s suggested what brew works best with each dish.

The tone of the copy fits well with the down-to-earth fab family branding of Soreen and the bright, simple and cooking-friendly design.

The recipes include Manchester Bread & Butter Pudding, which was suggested by North West celeb chef, Dave Mooney (Scribble’s fav chef) and Soreen Banana Powerhouse. But Scribble’s best one, by a mile is, Chocolate Soreen Flapjack.