A great wedding book: Bridal Moments

For: Marshall Cavendish

Bridal Moments
A wedding book by Scribble
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The publication of Bridal Moments in April 2009 saw Helen's name down the spine of a book for the first time. Researched and written while she was in the process of getting married, it's a first-hand, frank and witty guide to planning your wedding.

While lots of other wedding books make it seem like the planning part should be all serious, Bridal Moments shows you how to laugh at things that can and will go wrong. It highlights pitfalls that have caught other brides-to-be out and gives some top tips on how to kick start the interest of the groom-to-be in the big day, if it starts to wane.

Published by Marshall Cavendish, Bridal Moments is selling well in the UK and across the world. Get your copy at Amazon.

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