We found a real money tree on a trip to the Lake District

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by Helen Dugdale

Jul 2017

Flat Tarn

When life in the city gets a bit too rowdy, there is nothing better than disappearing to the mountains for a few nights. Which is exactly what we did when we headed to Neaum Crag in the Lake District. 

We stayed in a wonderful log cabin on the delightful Neaum Crag estate which is eighteen acres of enchanting woodland, that is nestled at the entrance to the Langdale Valley. This secluded and peaceful site of rustic wooden lodges offers couples, families and groups the ideal base to explore the Lake District. We were looked after so well by Heather Aughpin from Neaum Crag Services.  

While we were there we meandered along country lanes, up hill and down dale and came across a monster cave and a real life money tree. 

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