Family Panel

Spreading the word about The Family Panel

by Helen Dugdale

Jan 2017

Since 2016, we've been working with Lynne Barcoe founder of The Family Panel (formally MumPanel) a 20,000 strong panel of parents who share their honest opinions on brands and services who are targeting families. We’ve been telling their story to attract new members and demonstrate to brands the importance of engaging and listening closely to their target audience. 


Four go to Cornwall - Trevathon Farm

by Helen Dugdale

Aug 2016

Cornwall has always been a place I’ve wanted to go. But living in Manchester, it’s a hell of a drive, especially with two little people moaning in the back. But, last week we packed up the car and set off on an exciting road-trip to what I have to say is one of the most beautiful counties in the UK. My heart is usually loyal to North Wales for the best coastline, but so far Cornwall has stolen that trophy.