Writing up a storm

Helen Dugdale at Laptop

Our clients are excited and passionate about their brand, business or service.

We capture that appetite to tell your target market or audience about just what it is that makes you so wonderful and worthwhile.

Whether it’s through a PR campaign, marketing literature or social media plan, a blog or newsletters. We’re adept in digging deep under the skin of what you do to then structure the story that will have a regional, national or international audience hooked and rushing back for the next chapter.

From here there’s three choices: PR, Writing, White label.

If it’s all three, even better because all our services are extremely complimentary and play ever so nicely together.

It's the high level of client service, down-to-earth attitude and real understanding of how to work with the media that keeps us coming back for more.

George Affleck, Curve Communications, Vancouver