Use an egg timer to find your favourite words

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by Helen Dugdale

Nov 2015


What words do you use to describe your business? If you need some clarity, give this a try.

Set an egg timer for two minutes and write down all the words that you can think of that describes your business, your service or your brand.

If you're struggling with copywriting for your website or marketing material this can be a great place to start.

Here's what we came up with for Scribble...

Writing in single words can unearth some great gems of inspiration. Instead of attempting to start with full sentences and getting frustrated because you don't really know what you're trying to write.

It sounds a little bit play school, but once you have the list of core words you can start to weave these into telling your story.

If you're still struggling, we'd love to help, so give Scribble a shout.