Why you should treat your label like a pair of fancy pants

Helen Dugdale Seated Wearing Glasses
Helen trying to be serious

No matter what the size of the label, after you’ve got all the necessities on - ingredients, barcode and nutrition information - it can seem like you’re pushed for space for including the juicy stuff you really want to talk about. The words that spell out about the personality of your brand and add the flavour that makes it the product that everyone should pick up.

Here’s some top tips on things to muse over when you’re deciding what’s crucial enough to make the cut for your label.

  1. When it comes to copywriting the rule of the thumb is usually attract, inspire and persuade. But why not give amuse, entice, and entertain a go. If you’ve got a friendly brand then make sure the label reflects this. Don’t go all serious just because your competitors have chosen the long trousers, grown up route. If you manage to raise a smile or a titter off a potential customer then you’re ahead of the game.
  2. Everyone loves a bit of retro. Nostalgia has never been bigger. Use words to paint a picture of a happy time in a shopper's life where your brand or product fits perfectly. Pre-kids Sunday morning lazy lie-in, playing out in the garden in summer, or walking home from the pub on a Friday night. Let the words do the talking and convince the potential customer that your product will help them relive that special time.
  3. Use your labeling as a fashion statement. Think of it as the fancy pants or the swishy dress and heels that you don for dinner. What you wear says something about who you are, which is exactly what labels do for products. A short, sharp strapline that pokes the passerby in the eye as they browse the shelves is almost a surefire way to get into the basket.
  4. Remember your label is a mini sale person – talking to your customers, or potential customer. The words you choose need to sell the delights inside the packaging as well as your sales team. Make potential customers want to read and get to know more about your product. Throw in a teaser or a tale to encourage them to dig deeper and visit your website or Twitter account.

Let the label tell your brand and product's story. Clever use of copy will get you inside the head of the shopper and they’ll want to go home with your goodies in their bag. Go grab a pen and get scribbling.