Moving to the sea – illogical dream or exciting reality?

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A rather random question, but have you ever tried fitting a 10 ton elephant into a mouse hole? I’m guessing not. But speaking figuratively this is what I’ve been trying to do for the last few years whilst trying to convince my other half (and kids, who annoyingly listen their Dad) to move to the sea. Every time we take a trip to the coast I’m on looking at properties, checking out the local schools and the shops on the high street. It’s a standing joke now with the in-laws that it’s only a matter of hours after arriving at the holiday cottage that I’ll chirp up with ‘I could live here'.

Am I the only person that does this, surely not?

Only slightly obsessed, ok! 

I admit it has become somewhat of an obsession. There have been several random dream moves ranging from Cape Cod, Anglesey and the latest Cornwall. The longest dalliance I’ve had is with Canada, Vancouver in particular. Saying that I’ve been a dog with a bone for the last umpteen years is a major understatement.

To be fair on me, there is a reason for Vancouver, we lived there before kids and I always thought we’d go back. But 10 years, two kids and two businesses later and it still hasn’t happened. Last year we took the kids, then 4 and 7 year olds, on a three-week holiday to Vancouver to show them my Canadian dream. I spent the whole time with my fingers crossed hoping that if they fell in love with it, then their Dad could be convinced. But alas this isn’t a movie, we got the plane home, even though I did some excellent stalling tactics in the hope of missing it. We still living in the very lovely, but very landlocked, Manchester.

The other half refuses to talk about the move now. To be fair on him I think he’s all talked out. 

But I can't help having a deep down obsession that things can be that little bit better. Maybe a little bit slower. I’m not wishing or asking for the stars. I just want a little bit more space, a little bit more air to breath. I’m not after a mansion either, just something by the sea. Is anyone out there with me? 

I want to live by the sea, godamit.

Now I just need to convince the rest of the people who live in my house.