Meet Kelly our new writer and media researcher

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The world of Scribble is growing and we've been on the look out for a new team member. So when up popped the very funny, very talented and very tall Kelly Beckett, an old friend and media workmate, we passed her a pen. She's a whizz with grammar, can spot a typo a mile off and loves to talk telly, films and books. Find out who she is...

The Early Days

It all began in South East London, my childhood forged from corduroy, Sindy and The Muppets, in a time when technology meant a top-loading VHS player and a Soda Stream (we didn’t have one but I knew people who did). Entertaining myself meant playing real games, reading actual books and writing with a proper pen. The discovery of Roald Dahl BLEW. MY. MIND and from then on reading and writing – as well as forming Smash Hits Club – took up most of my time.

I knew early on that a career in the media or teaching beckoned – I wanted to write but I wanted to develop writers too, alongside infiltrating the education system to pass on the support and care I’d received from some of my best teachers. In my own primary years I was complimented by Michael Rosen for a poem I wrote and went on to meet the Queen for another; one of my many stories was published somewhere, and I spent numerous Saturday afternoons in the library with my Nan or nosing round book shops with my Dad, unless he was trying - through gritted teeth - to teach me how to roller-skate or cheat at Monopoly.

Media Experiences

In secondary, other than applying a can of hairspray daily, I wrote for the school paper, took on work experience placements at a magazine publishers and the local newspaper, worked with disabled teenagers and in primary schools before heading to Leeds University where I completed an English degree. After graduating, I joined Emap’s Radio Aire and Key 103 as an Assistant Online Editor, partly on merit and partly because they liked my hair. Despite my initial personality profile stating that I ‘was prone to rebellion’, I was promoted quickly to Online Editor before leaving for the bright lights of London where I joined the second series of Big Brother (before it all went completely insane) as an Online Vision Mixer and Writer, followed by a stint at the BBC as an Online Researcher for a couple of their big programmes.


I completed my PGCE in Primary Education and taught for a number of years in Leeds and Manchester. Being nominated for Teacher of the Year is always something I’ll be proud of because teaching is not for the faint-hearted and I gave it absolutely everything. After having my daughter I realised I could combine my loves so now I teach as well as writing and researching. I also judge the Radio 2 childrens’ writing competition, ‘500 Words’, and recently went to the final at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre where I made eye contact with Tom Hiddleston which is tantamount to a marriage proposal. So that’s it, that’s where I’m at. It seems my plan worked out. Now life is less corduroy, more denim; less Sindy; more Beyoncé, and less Muppets more Game of Thrones. All I need is a Soda Stream and I’m set for life.