2016 the year of less sofa sitting and more playing out…

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“I'm going to be a fun mum...not like you!” 

Those are the words my five-year-old screamed at me on New Years Eve. 

All because I didn't really fancy camping in the lounge on the wooden floor, during our New Years Eve family lounge camping expedition that we’d agreed a week earlier. I wasn’t totally backing out of the mass sleepover. I was just finding a sneaky, more comfortable compromise for me, sleeping on the sofa.  But she wasn't having any of it.

“Well, when I'm grown up I'm going to be fun with my kids, not like you." she said, squishing up her chubby face in total disgust, before turning on her plastic clompy Tangled shoes and swishing off in her party dress.

Fast-forward four hours and there I am climbing into my sleeping bag next to her on the wooden floor. Had I given into a temper tantrum? Do I always adhere to brattish strops? Not in the slightest. But what I realised was, I was going back on a promise that I’d made seven days earlier.

And no matter whether you’re five or 95 a promise is a promise. In business I wouldn’t dream of letting a client down hours before the job is due. I’ve never once called up minutes before the deadline to say: "I've had a busy day. I’m tired you'll have to wait for your blog post until tomorrow - I'm off to bed."                                 

It just wouldn’t happened.

So, why should it happen at home?

Plus, when did I get so boring? I spend most of my working life helping businesses to be less corporate, to tell their own story in their own words and to have fun with it. Whereas, outside the office I’m turning into a grumpy middle-aged dressing gown lover, who chooses the sofa rather than sitting on the floor.  Ewh!

When did I get so set in my ways and ready for Ovaltine and an early night?

So for me, 2016 for me is about keeping promises and having an outlook on life similar to that of my feisty five-year-old.

Anyone playing out?